Wee Spirits Grow Occupational Therapy and Wellness Services, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

by Diane Imabeppu
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Name: Wee Spirits Grow Occupational Therapy and Wellness Services

Mailing Address: 32 Elmbrook Crescent, Toronto, ON, M9C5B4

Contact: diane@weespiritsgrow.com or (647)298-4018

Credentials: University of Britisch Columbia, BA (Double Major in Psychology and Family Science); University of Toronto BSc (Occupational Therapy).

Further education in feeding, attachment, holistic and alternative wellness treatments.
Services: all services are offered in the client's home or community (childcare centre, preschool or school)

•In-home breastfeeding consultation
•In-home bottle feeding consultation
•Invaluable support services for new parents who are anxious, worried, stressed, or who are having difficulty adjusting to life with a new baby

2. FEEDING THERAPY for children with challenges such as:
•Picky or selective eating
•Small appetite or difficulty gaining weight
•Difficulty tolerating new foods or textures
•Difficulty chewing or swallowing
•Other feeding/eating issues.

3. WELLNESS SERVICES to promote emotional and mental health for children and parents:
•Managing stress and anxiety
•Releasing worry, fear, anger and pain
•Building self-esteem and confidence

For more information please visit www.weespiritsgrow.com.

Payment methods: Cash or cheque

Additional Information:
I use a trust-based approach to feeding therapy, influenced by the work of Marsha Dunn-Klein and Suzanne Evans Morris. I treat the child from a holistic perspective, addressing physical, mental and emotional barriers to competent eating. I also treat parents or family members who are affected by their child's challenges.

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