The Behaviour Change Clinic, United Kingdom

by Tana Richards
(Cobham, Surrey, United Kingdom)

We provide screening and evidence based treatment for feeding issues.

Common feeding issues include:
Food refusal
Food selectivity
Disruptive mealtime behaviours

We aim to increase food intake and decrease refusal behaviours.

Common treatment goals:
Increase the range of food groups
Increase the level of food textures
Increase the participation in family mealtimes
Develop oral motor skills
Decrease disruptive mealtime behaviours e.g. aggression, SIB, crying

Treatment plan:
Web based initial consultation
Home based feeding observation
Individualised treatment programme
Treatment programme tailored to therapy hours
Parent training
ABA tutor training (if applicable)

We use a behavioural approach to feeding therapy because it is the most empirically supported (Kerwin, 1999).
Feeding disorders are often multifactorial: they start in different ways. We support the involvement of a multidisciplinary team of Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Gastroenterologists and Dieticians.

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