Pediatric Dietitian Testimonials

Pediatric dietitian testimonials! If you still aren't sure if working with a dietitian will be beneficial to you and your family, read these pediatric dietitian testimonials written by parents to help you make your decision.

Working with you has helped us understand how our son processes thoughts and feelings about food. You have helped us deal with is feeding behaviors and we now know how to feed him so meals aren’t a constant battle. Although he continues to be a challenge, we see huge improvements since we started working with you. Jessica S.

Getting Jessica to gain weight has been a constant struggle. Her diagnosis of Failure to Thrive in the absence of any other medical problems has caused my husband and I much embarrassment because so many people and medical professionals felt it was our fault. Your compassionate and empathetic manner helped us feel at ease and comfortable in our decision to work with you, and by taking your suggestions we have been able to get Jessica to gain 10 pounds in 6 months, putting her on the growth chart for the first time since she was 2. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Sandy R.

Undiagnosed food allergies were the reason Michael refused to eat and this progressed to severe food refusal. We came to you desperate and not knowing where else to turn. During our first session you asked about food allergies and suddenly a light went off in my head. We got Michael tested and sure enough he was allergic to eggs, milk and soy. With your help we were able to eliminate the offending foods and although feeding times can still be tough we now know he is not in pain and are able to work through it with him and he has been able to gain weight. Carol V.

My son Larry was born with a diaphragmatic hernia (CDH) and has been primarily tube food for 2 years. Although he was gaining weight Larry was constantly retching on tube feeds. With your help we were able to identify when the retching occurred most frequently. We were doubtful your suggestions to change the rate, times and amounts of tube feeds would work, but sure enough, Larry has gone from retching 7 times a day to just 1. My family is so grateful to you for all the help you have given us. Joanna C.

These people were all happy to submit pediatric dietitian testimonials to have posted on the site. They were not solicited. These parents have all seen a dramatic improvement in their child's feeding behaviors and diet since working with the pediatric dietitian.