Organic Baby Formula

Organic baby formula is fairly new to the market and can still be difficult to find. Due to growing customer demand however, it is a growing niche that many companies now recognize.

First of all it is important to realize all baby formula in the United States is regulated and as such must contain a certain amount of calories, protein, fat and micronutrients. That said reasons to choose an organic baby formula as the best baby formula for your baby is completely understandable. These formulas must comply with organic standards as well as the standard ones imposed by the law.

What exactly does organic mean?

When discussing the best baby formula for your infant we need to understand what organic means and what the benefits are. According to site, the term means the products were grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, or genetically modified organisms.

Well, when choosing the best baby formula for your baby, obviously you wouldn’t choose one that possibly used sewage sludge to grow the ingredients! But what are your choices, and how can you determine which one to use for your little one?

What organic baby formulas are there?

baby with bottle

The main organic formulas out there are Organic Similac Advance, Earth’s Best Organic Soy and Diary, Nature’s One Baby’s Only Organic Soy and Dairy O-Organics for Baby, and Bright Beginnings Organic milk based infant formula.

All of the above formulas are great ones, and as long as your baby is fine on milk or soy based formula you should be able to find one that pleases both you and your little one. If however, you have a baby who needs a specialized formula, a better choice is one of the more broken down formulas that are not organic. Chances are the elemental or semi-elemental formulas will not be eligible for organic certification anytime soon because of the process it needs to undergo to make it easily digestible.

If your child needs a standard formula the only drawback to organic formula is the price, which is higher than a traditional formula. If price isn’t an option however, these formulas are high quality and great for your baby.

Where can I buy these organic baby formulas?

Many of these products can be found in Babies R Us or a health food store. They are also all available at our amazon store  under the category "baby formula".

Of course, breastfeeding is still the best choice to feed your baby the first 6 months of life. If this isn’t possible however, it is important to find the best baby formula available for your little one.