Online Nutrition Counseling

Let our pediatric nutritionist help you and your child with our online nutrition counseling!  We understand how difficult, frustrating and heart wrenching it can be to watch your child refuse to eat meal after meal, day after day. To feel helpless and incompetent as your child becomes malnourished, and is unable to consume the foods you know she needs to grow and thrive is a common, normal feeling.

Perhaps it will make you feel better to know a pediatric nutritionist can help. There are specific steps we can help you take to allow you to finally take control and get to the root of your child's feeding issues.

We want to help you.  Our online nutrition counseling can help you and your child establish positive mealtime routines, identify areas that need improvement and give suggestions for foods that your child is likely to try based on her current diet that will provide necessary nutrition to help promote her growth.

If you would like individualized guidance on how and what to feed your child, an online nutrition counseling session over the phone or through email can help you come up with a plan to treat your child in the best way possible. You will have the opportunity to speak with a pediatric nutritionist who will create a customized plan on how to proceed to give your child the best nutrition possible.

For email consults please include your name and email address in the text box so you can be contacted to begin consults, and for phone consults please scroll to the end of the page and click on the "Book Now" button to make an appointment.

Alternatively, if you live in NY and would like to make an appointment to come to our office in Whitestone, please click the link or call us at (718) 316- 8197.

 Phone Consultation

A comprehensive evaluation and assessment done over the phone or Skype by a pediatric nutritionist. Forms are emailed and filled out by caregiver before the appointment and reviewed during the consult. 

It is the best option for parents who would rather speak to someone instead of write it out, or for parents of children with complex medical issues.

This option includes assessment, goal setting and a plan to help your child improve his or her diet and eating habits. Once you have paid for your appointment please come back to this page and click here:  to schedule a consult.

Assessment + Optional Add-ons
Name and email address

Online Nutrition Assessment

Done 100% online, forms are sent to you as soon as the order is placed.  Once you fill out the forms and send them back I will provide guidance and include feeding strategies and tips based on your responses.  By the end of this online nutrition counseling assessment you will have a list of 3 new foods to try with your child she will likely eat, based on what she eats now.

Optional Add-ons
Name and Email Address

Online Diet Analysis

If you are concerned your child is not receiving adequate nutrition but don’t know what to do with it and have a limited budget, this option is for you.  You email us a 1 or 3 day food diary with any restrictions your little one has and we will analyze it, highlight any nutrients that are lacking and make suggestions on how to improve her diet, respecting restrictions and considering preferences.


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