Los Altos Feeding Clinic, Los Altos, CA

by Ben Zimmerman
(Los Altos, CA)

Los Altos Feeding Clinic

Pediatric Feeding Therapist

Picky eaters, Failure to Thrive, Feeding Tube Dependency

2235 Grant Rd Suite 2 Los Altos, CA 94024

Specializing in the Treatment of Pediatric Feeding Disorders, Food Refusal and Other Feeding Difficulties


(650) 237-9111

Located in California in the San Francisco Bay Area (Los Altos)

For children and infants with feeding problems our goal is:

To facilitate increased food intake, while decreasing refusal behaviors.

To provide the necessary experience for children to learn to eat naturally in their normal
environment on a consistent basis

To train caregivers to strengthen positive feeding behaviors and deal with problematic feeding situations
What Los Altos Feeding Clinic Does

Feeding therapy that comprises of known methods of behavior change to:

Increase food intake to meet the caloric needs of your child
Increase acceptance of a variety of foods
Decrease refusal behaviors associated with feeding
Eliminate G-Tube (Gastrostomy Feeding Tube) dependency
Eliminate NG-Tube (Nasogastric Feeding Tube) dependency
Eliminate bottle dependency
Decrease packing/pooling
Decrease vomiting/rumination
Eliminate pica
Decrease crying and tantrums at mealtimes
Facilitate consumption of higher textures
Train caregivers to implement a feeding protocol designed specifically for your child's needs

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