High Calorie Baby Food

It can be difficult to find high calorie baby foods unless you look very carefully. If your infant in underweight and accepts baby food, the best option is to make homemade baby food. If that is not an option however, fattening baby foods can be found.  

Making your own baby food   usually has more calories then regular jarred baby food, and you can add small amounts of vegetable oils to the food as well.

If you need to use jarred food,it is important to choose the ones with the most calories. Forget about the green beans and carrots and pass the sweet potatoes and bananas please! Well, don’t forget about the green beans and carrots, but at least add baby cereal or oil to calorie boost these lower calorie options.

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The following list contains high calorie jarred baby foods. We reviewed Beechnut (B), Gerber (G) and Heinz (H). The first column is the food, second the brand, and last the amount of calories in 1 jar.

High Calorie Baby Fruits

Bananas with tapioca G, H 110

Bananas with pears and apples B 100

Mango with Tapioca G 100

Mango, bananas and passion fruit G 100

Peaches, mango and tapioca G 100

Prunes with tapioca G, H 115

Prunes and Rice B 110

Mixed Fruit Yogurt B 180

High Calorie Baby Vegetables

Beets G, H 60

Creamed Corn B, G, H 80

Creamed spinach G 60

Mixed vegetables G 60

Peas G 60

Sweet potatoes G, H 80

High Calorie Baby Meats

Chicken G, H 110

Ham G 90

Lamb H 90

Turkey G, H 110

High Calorie Baby Dinners

Beef dinner supreme B 130

Ham with vegetable G 100

Macaroni and beef dinner B 100

Turkey dinner supreme B 110

Turkey with vegetables G 100

Vegetable bacon G 100

Vegetable lamb dinner B 100

High Calorie Baby Desserts

Apple, peach and strawberry B 100

Banana pudding B, H 100

Banana pineapple B 110

Cottage cheese with pineapple B 130

Dutch apple dessert G, H 100

Fruit dessert G 100

Hawaiian Delight G 120

Peach cobbler G, H 100

Vanilla custard pudding B, G 100

This is by no means a complete list of high calorie baby foods, but it’s a good start for those of you who want to feed your baby the highest calorie foods possible.

Beech-nut also has a great line of baby foods called First Advantage with DHA. These jars range in calories from 100-180 per jar and are great for babies who need to gain weight. Be careful though, some of them have milk and egg ingredients. If your child has allergies you may not want to introduce them. Other great foods to give older babies include avocados, cottage cheese, ricotta cheese, and whole milk yogurt.

By filling your child’s diet with as many of these high calorie baby foods as possible you give him a good shot at gaining weight naturally, possibly avoiding the need for calorie boosters or supplements.If you have found a fattening baby food that isn't on this list, tell us about it!

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