High Calorie, Nutritious Smoothie for Fussy Eaters

by Naveen Ali
(Karachi, Pakistan)

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In some families, like ours, mealtimes often start with a no-style shaking of the head and loud protests and end on a somewhat cheerful note. All help is enrolled in pulling faces, singing songs, making obnoxious sounds, and looking otherwise retarded. On lucky days, we can keep the little fellow seated in his highchair. On other days, I’m tasked to chase a cruising baby with dripping spoonfuls of cereal or puree.

Since dear baby plots between the 5th and the 10th percentile for height & weight (yeah I know, this too is normal), I have to keep a close eye on his eating habits. When I’m in better humour, I enjoy second guessing his likes & dislikes and how his tummy reacts to various foods. In such a moment of inspiration, I tried some fresh yoghurt, and bingo, he liked it. I can’t thank the bacteria enough for putting out this fantastic product for us.

For moms (or dads) at the end of their rope, here’s the un-secret.

Ingredients & Method:

1 medium (6-inch) banana
90 ml (3 oz.) fresh, unpasteurized whole milk yoghurt
2 pitted dates (I use Ajwa, but you can use any soft/moist variety)
½ tsp honey
½ tsp olive oil
Put everything in a blender and whirr away till you reach the desired consistency.

Calorie Count:

An average one-year old needs about a thousand calories a day (source: AAP). This smoothie packs in 215 delicious calories in a 180 ml (6 oz.) serving. You can make it more calorie-dense through small changes like adding more olive oil or honey, or you may increase the serving size by using two bananas.

To make the variations easy, here’s the calorific breakup: 1 banana = 90 cal; 3 oz. yoghurt = 50 cal; 2 dates = 45 cal; ½ tsp honey = 10 calories; ½ tsp olive oil = 20 calories;

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