Healthy Smoothies

Healthy smoothies are a great way to give your child calories along with vitamins and minerals. If your child will not eat fruit or high calorie vegetables, smoothies can provide a variety of foods they would not normally receive. If you do not know how to make smoothies, it’s simple! All you need is a knife, a great blender, a cutting board and the ingredients.

Are there any great smoothies recipes?

Of course there are many great smoothies recipes! The best part about them is they are flexible and the amounts and even actual ingredients can change and you can end with many different versions of delicious drinks! The main ingredients include a liquid, a fruit or 2 and a vegetable or two. Here are some liquids, fruits and vegetables you can mix and match to make your own healthy smoothies:


Cow's milk/ Rice Milk/ Oat Milk/ Almond Milk/ Coconut milk (Mix ¼ cup with ¾ cup of another milk)/Soy Milk/ Apple Juice/ Grape Juice/ Orange Juice


Bananas/ Strawberries/ Blueberries/ Raspberries/ Mango/ Pineapple/ Apples/ Oranges/ Peaches/ Plums/ Pears


Carrots/ Tomatoes/ Spinach/ Kale/ Broccoli/ Sweet Potatoes/ Avocado

How can I make healthy smoothies high in calories?

Many parents like to give high calorie smoothies. If your child needs to gain weight you should aim for at least 250 calories per 8 ounce smoothie. To do this, calorie boosters can be added to make them higher in calories.

Some great calorie supplements to add to smoothies include small amounts of oil (1 tsp/8 ounces), 2 tbsp wheat germ, ½ ounce of half and half or heavy cream, skim milk powder, etc. Adding one of these calorie supplements to each smoothie you give your child will help him gain weight easily and painlessly. Also keep in mind the milks have more calories and nutrition then the juices, so milk should be your first choice over juice.

Tropical smoothies are also a great idea. By using fruit such as mangos, pineapples, bananas, coconuts and berries and putting the drink in a special cup your child's smoothie can be a festive, fun way of getting your child to eat fruit.

In order to give great high calorie smoothies your child will love, make sure to include his favorite fruit. Vegetables are optional and should be given to picky eaters in small amounts, being careful to hide the flavour in the beginning. Once he is used to drinking them and is more open to different flavors, more vegetables can be added, but you do not want to turn him completely off of smoothies because you added 3 cups of kale and not enough apples the first time you made one!

Does your child have a favorite healthy smoothie recipe? Tell us about it! Contribute your little ones' favorite smoothie recipes to help other parents.

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