Grays Peak Speech Services, LLC Denver, CO

by Jennifer Gray, M.S., CCC-SLP
(Westminster, CO 80234)

Grays Peak Speech Services is located in Westminster, Colorado just north of the Denver metro area.

Jennifer Gray, M.S., CCC-SLP is the sole practitioner.specializing in speech, oral-motor, and feeding delays and disorders. Jennifer commonly treats those with Down syndrome, failure to thrive, those with medical conditions resulting in feeding difficulties, transition from G-tube to oral feeding, motor speech and feeding disorders, apraxia, fluency, and other speech and language delays and disorders. She specializes in sensory motor feeding techniques while also addressing behavioral issues surrounding feeding difficulties.

She has worked with Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson using Talk Tools techniques and SRJ therapies and has pediatric feeding populations for the last 5 years and speech and language populations for over 10 years. Speech difficulties commonly accompany feeding difficulties and Uses therapies such as Hanen, PROMPT, and more traditional articulation, phonologocal, and language therapies to address those concerns.

Jennifer currently takes Medicaid and cash as payment and serves those in Adams, Jefferson, and Boulder counties. However, some families do travel to see her from other areas.

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