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Mary Anne Smith, MS,CCC-SLP

50 East 2nd Street New York, NY 11024




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Mary Anne received her Bachelor of Science from St. John's University in 1998. She went on to receive a Master's of Science from CW Post in 2001, and began to work in a Children's hospital.

Ms. Smith started her career in speech therapy at a children's hospital in 2001. She specialized in children with speech problems and stayed there until 2004. She studied feeding and swallowing therapy during this time and opened a private practice in 2004. Her passion is helping children between the ages of 0 and 8 years old learn to eat and enjoy food. She utilizes a variety of techniques including ABA and oral motor exercises. Since opening her practice Mary Anne has helped thousands of children and looks forward to helping thousands more.

Mary Anne is a member of ASHA and served as vice president of her local branch in 2005. She is constantly attending seminars and trainings to improve her skills and knowledge base.


Mary Anne can help with feeding and swallowing disorders in children age 0 to 8 years. She can help them eat enough to completely eliminate tube feeds or increase texture, among other things.

Mary Anne will work closely with your child's pediatrician, gastroenterologist, dietitian and therapist to make sure everyone is on the same page and all therapies are done to consistently meet the goals the team sets.

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***Note: This is a sample listing. This person does not exist.