Child Growth Charts 

Child growth charts are an easy way to make sure your child is growing well.  Many parents worry about what their child weighs, especially when he is not eating well. The CDC growth charts  provide an easy way to determine if your child is growing well, looking for trends over time.  

It's important to realize not all children are going to be at the 50th percentile, and as long as your child is between the 10th and 85th percentile he is probably doing OK as long as that's where he always was.  You don't want your child, who was previously growing along the 75th percentile, dropping down to the 25th in a short amount of time.  If you feel your child is not eating well or are concerned about her place on the growth chart, make an appointment with us.   

To determine your infants length for age, input his information here:


To find out his weight for age, use the chart below: 

You can calculate your child's weight for age using the calculator below.

And finally, you can find out his weight for length on the child growth charts here: 


Many pediatricians focus on weight for age and length for age.  The most important indicator of nutrition, however, is weight for length.  This tells you if you child's weight is proportionate to his length.  A child can be at the 10th percentile weight for age and length for age and be at the 50th percentile weight for length, meaning he is at a good weight for his length. 

Remember to look for trends and not panic.  Children often go through food jags, so don't panic if your previously great eater decides to eat nothing but macaroni and cheese for a few days.  If you are really concerned about your child's percentiles, call your pediatrician or make an appointment with us to discuss a meal plan to promote weight gain.