Catherine O'Leary, Occupational Therapy Services

by Catherine O'Leary, OT Reg. (Ont.)
(Milton, Ontario Canada)

What is your business name? Catherine O'Leary, OT

Please list your education and credentials.
BPHE, University of Toronto, BHSc(OT) Occupational Therapy from McMaster University 1994, Qualified in both USA and Canada

Please state your specialty and ideal clients. Working with children and their families on Feeding, Positioning and Development as it relates to self-regulation, life skills, Play/work skills and rest/leisure skills.
Tell us a little bit about your past work experience.

I have worked with children and families for over 15 years. Direct intervention and consultation has been provided in homes, treatment center and school systems.

What type of feeding therapy do you do?
Dysphagia (positioning, assessment with support of the hospitals for safety recommendations and teaching/coaching of strategies to promote oral intake.
Sensory/oral motor assessment as well as intervention in both group and individual environments.

List payment methods, locations served, if you offer homecare or office visits.
Feeding assessments are 1 hour, and are 120.00( 2011 price)
Group therapy is either OT or OT/SLP ranging from 65 to 85 dollars/session
Clinic visits are preferred

Are there any books or products related to the type of therapy you specialize in that you would recommend to parents?
Marsha Dunn Klein Mealtime Notions (family strategies) (parent support)

Please share any other relevant information you feel our visitors would like to know.
This service provides support to children in the Greater Toronto Area. Clinic space is in Milton (permanent) and in West toronto (as needed)

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