Blenderized Diet

The blenderized diet for G-tube feeding has recently become a hot topic in the world of enteral nutrition. Most health professionals used to agree that a commercial formula was safer and superior than blenderized diets, and caregivers were discouraged from trying to make their child’s tube feeding by blending food.

Still, parents and caregivers insisted on trying it with the belief that real food is healthier and more natural, and the movement has gained momentum and has forced the medical world to reconsider its position. Although there are still many doctors, nurses and dietitians who are adamantly against use of blenderized formula, others will consider it if the child meets certain criteria and the family is dedicated to making it work.

Some doctors remain against homemade blended formula for G-tube feeding citing reasons such as increased risk of bacteria and infection and a likelihood for food to get stuck in the tube, however if you are dedicated to trying to this and have weighed the risks and benefits carefully and feel the benefits far outweigh the risks, try to find a doctor and dietitian who will support you through the process and take it slow. Start out by using your child’s current formula as a base and as the majority of feeds and gradually add blended food to his tube. As you do this monitor his tolerance as well as how you feel doing it. If it is more work than you bargained for or you find yourself very nervous about how or what you put into his new diet, slow down or stop. There is nothing wrong with commercial formulas, and most will agree traditional formulas provide your child with all the vitamins, minerals and macronutrients needed to thrive and grow.

There are definitely situations in which the diet will not work and should not be used, however, so when discussing it with your doctor keep an open mind and research before meeting with him. If his main reason for being resistant is specific to your child’s medical condition, it may be best to wait until the condition has improved or he is more stable from a nutritional standpoint.

To see if your child may be a good candidate for this diet,see if he meets the criteria.

Bottom line? Read the articles here and carefully consider your options before putting your child on a blenderized diet, know that commercial formulas are sometimes the best choice, and do not feel guilty for deciding not to go through with it, if that is your decision.

If you are still unsure about whether this diet is a fit for your child, make an appointment with us, We can help you sort out the facts from fiction and come to a decision you will be comfortable with.

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