Baby Formula Recall 

All parents with babies on formula fear a baby formula recall.  Especially with all the other recalls in the news lately, such as peanut butter and spinach, it seems like a baby formula recall is inevitable.

This actually happened to me. I finally agreed that my baby wasn't thriving as well as he should being exclusively breastfed, and promised my son's pediatrician I would give him a bottle before bed. This was a difficult decision for me. I didn't understand why my body was failing me, why I couldn't make enough milk to help my baby grow, and why I, the person who helps other parents get their kids to gain weight, had a skinny kid! So I decided to give him the bottle of formula before bed. He sucked down the 6oz bottle in 10 minutes. I went to bed feeling like maybe it was just what had to be done, and if this helped him gain weight I was all for it.

The very next day, plastered all over the TV, was that his formula was recalled. Why? Possible contamination with bug parts!

baby formula recall

The guilt and horror that ensued that day was terrible.  Bad enough my body wasn't making enough milk to adequately nourish him, now I forced him to eat bug parts?  Seriously?  Sure enough, the opened can, along with 3 other cans the hospital had given us, were all part of the recall.  This page is an attempt to prevent you from feeling the guilt I felt. 

Honestly though, this does not happen often.  Most baby formula is perfectly safe and most babies go through their whole infancy without experiencing one.  So, as with anything else, be careful and aware it may happen without obsessing over it and convincing yourself it will happen. 

As for us, after that initial bottle, the contaminated formula was thrown away and we did get more (although I did switch brands), and for the rest of the year there were no other recalls.

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