Baby Formula Mixer

A baby formula mixer is a great tool for mixing baby formula. Although powdered formula can be mixed well in a regular bottle, mixers decrease the amount of air that gets into the formula, eliminates clumps and allows you to make larger batches at a time. These mixers are easy to clean, convenient and inexpensive.

Although there are many different mixers available, my favorite and the favorite of my clients is the Dr. Brown's Formula Mixing Pitcher. This pitcher is 32 ounces so can make 4 bottles at one time, making life for you as a new mom or dad easier! It is BPA free, limits the air in the formula and eliminates all clumps.

A baby formula mixer is great if you want to make larger amounts of formula at one time or if you have a gassy baby that cannot get any extra air in her bottles. By making a full 32 ounces in the morning you can pour your baby a bottle whenever she needs one and don’t have to worry about making another one until tomorrow!

If you have never tried powdered formula but are interested because of the cost savings or other reason, a mixer is a great tool to have in your kitchen.

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Powdered formula can be the best baby formula for your little one. The number one reason I hear from parents to not use powdered formula is they don’t have the time to make the bottles. A baby formula mixer solves this problem by having you only need to make it once a day. I realize you’re very busy, but surely you can find 2 minutes a day to make your baby’s formula!

The second most popular reason for not buying powdered formula is that it gets clumpy. The mixer eliminates that problem.

Powdered baby formulas have the same vitamins and minerals as the ready to feed versions, but are much less expensive and take up less packaging. So in addition to saving money you are also helping the environment by purchasing powdered baby formulas! In addition, most organic baby formulas only come in powdered form, so it is important to know how to make it if you are planning on getting your baby an organic formula.