Baby Formula Coupons

Baby formula coupons are a great way to make formula more affordable. Because let's face it; baby formula is expensive. But there are ways to make it cheaper.

Most major companies offer coupons to make feeding your infant the best baby formula more affordable.

When looking for baby formula coupons, keep in mind most formula companies such as Enfamil and Similac offer programs for moms which you can join online. These programs are free to join and will save you money on formula, diapers and more. They will send you checks and coupons for baby formula you can use wherever you buy baby formula.

Another thing to be on the lookout for is coupons in your Sunday paper. Manufacturers often put coupons in these paper inserts to encourage people to try a brand they haven’t tried before. These coupons are not usually worth as much as the online program club coupons, but some stores will allow you to use both the checks you receive from the online programs and the coupons found in the paper. By combining coupons you may actually be able to get free baby formula. Pile on the savings!

Local baby stores such as Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby also frequently have coupons in their fliers and brochures. Furthermore, some store brands of formulas have coupons in the cans of the formula for a future purchase. I’ve also found coupons for formula in boxes of diapers. These are valuable so don’t throw them away!

baby drinking bottle

When trying to make baby formula more affordable, consider store brands that do not have the mark-up big brands do. Since they do not have the marketing budget they are able to offer cheap baby formula that has the same nutrient profile as the major manufacturers. All baby formulas have to comply with rigorous FDA standards, so they are all high quality, regardless of brand.

Some drugstores occasionally have sales on formula, which may either have a formula on sale or have it for a certain price with a few “dollars” from that store you need to spend there on a future purchase. This is a great way to get affordable or free baby formula when combined with manufacturer’s coupons.

Finally, big box stores occasionally have great coupons in their brochures. They also have good buys on the large boxes and cans of formulas, and since your baby will need the formula for a year you may as well buy in bulk.

Although it can be difficult to find cheap or free baby formula, there are many ways to make baby formula more affordable. There are always baby formula coupons available if you look, so you should never get baby formula without one.