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Feeding underweight children can be quite a challenge for parents. Dealing with a child with an eating problem can be frustrating, embarrassing and depressing for you, the caregiver. Most people just don’t understand what you are up against when your child has failure to thrive, won’t eat, or both.

This site is written by Sharon Yirilli, a registered dietitian and pediatric nutritionist who specializes in nutrition counseling for children and adolescents, and has dedicated her career to helping families make mealtimes more peaceful while improving the nutrition of the children.

Many parents feel other people are judging them and feel alone and desperate to get their child to eat. There is hope. You are not alone. Many parents feel the same frustration and have the same experiences because their children won’t eat either. This site is dedicated to you, the parents of children who are underweight and have failure to thrive and don’t like to eat.

In the pages that follow you will find sound advice and suggestions on what and how to feed your child. Feeding underweight children is a challenging, frustrating and often thankless job. The truth is though, as a parent it's up to you to ensure your child is properly nourished. This may mean they go on a special diet or need a tube. This site is meant to support and guide you through the process.

The site is divided into conditions, with diets and recommendations given accordingly. It will focus on feeding underweight children, as well as feeding picky eaters who may not be underweight. You can learn about conditions and disorders that may impact your child’s eating habits. Feel free to join our parent forum to share your experiences, lend a supportive ear and be supported.

If you are struggling with what, when and how to feed your child to give them the best nutrition possible and still get them to gain weight, you have come to the right place. Please understand that food aversion is a real, treatable condition. It is NOT a result of poor parenting, nor is your child to blame. Feeding underweight children is a challenging task, but with a little guidance and support you will get through this and make the choice for your child and family.

So sit back, relax, and explore this website to the fullest, and you will be able to find some new foods to offer your child as well as different tactics that will help you and your child get through your next meal peacefully.

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